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Welcome Ontario family history researchers! If your roots are in Ontario, or earlier in Canada West or Upper Canada, you've come to the right place. Here you will find all the resources you need to trace your family tree and learn about the lives and times of your ancestors.

Resources Now Available

Professional Research Services

Upper Canada Genealogy offers a full range of research services to help you learn about your family history. These services cover the entire period from the beginnings of settlement in the 1770s up to the present. Choose research for more information.


Janice Nickerson's books, booklets, and articles provide guidance to help you research your own family history - whether you're looking for criminal records help, brick wall tips, or interviewing direction. Go to publications to learn more.

Indexes to Upper Canada, Canada West and Ontario Records

If you know your ancestor lived in the region but don't know where, these exclusive indexes to hard-to-search records can help. These indexes are especially useful for the difficult Upper Canada period (1791-1841). Searches of the indexes are free. Full reference reports and copies of the original documents can be ordered for a small fee. Choose indexes for more information.

Reference Resources

These pages contain handy reference resources such as historical and geographic information and addresses of useful archives, associations and agencies. Choose resources to learn more.

Links and Reviews of the best websites for Upper Canada genealogy

Genealogy is one of the most popular subjects on the internet, and you could spend 24 hours a day searching these sites for information about your ancestors. Upper Canada Genealogy can help by narrowing your search to the best and most helpful sites for Upper Canada research. For more information, choose links.

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